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  • Thikaanaa is developed being inspired by information gap of online real estate industry in Bangladesh--incomplete information, inappropriate presentations of products, financial scandals and fraudulent behavior in exchange of products are the common scenarios that have broken the trust of online or internet-based selling and purchasing of real estate products.
  • Strategic goals of Thikaanaa are to focus on their complete product and service presentations, reasonable prices, quality products, transactions and deliveries, and to ensure them with close monitoring as strategic leadership and controls from online or internet perspective.
  • A range of product categories such as land, flat, commercial space, shop, buildings, vehicle are capacity to play mediating roles for buy, sell and rent of real estate products.Our missionary programs are kept continuous to render products and services for covering all over Bangladesh by extending more product categories in this industries.
  • Thikaanaa' visionary programs are to develop the sites with AI technology in the near future through our beliefs and behaviors without any compromise though there are many difficulties and challenges around us.